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Important remind for UK trade after January 1, 2021

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Update time : 2020-12-29 17:39:30
Britain and the European Union formally reached a trade agreement to leave the EU on December 24, local time, after more than nine months of difficult game. The 1,246 pages of the deal show how intense the tug of war is, but it's better than a hard Brexit without a deal.
The British Parliament will vote on the draft trade agreement with the EU on December 30, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said.
The trade agreement was finally concluded
On December 26, Britain released the text of the 1,246-page Brexit trade agreement with the European Union. In addition to the trade documents, the agreement on nuclear energy, the exchange of confidential information and civil nuclear energy, as well as a series of joint statements.
Britain has signed up to free-trade deals
Any existing EU trade agreements will no longer apply to the UK after 31 December, and the UK will trade under WTO rules in the absence of bilateral agreements with these countries or regions.

According to the UK government website, 29 agreements covering 58 countries or territories have been renewed and will come into force on January 1 or the first half of 2021. Another 10 countries or territories are under negotiation, but most of the major ones have been completed.
New Year's reminder for UK trade​​​​​​​
The UK accreditation Mark for UK Conformity Assessment (UKCA) will be used in the UK from 1 January 2021. The UKCA mark is a new UK product mark which will be used for products sold in the UK (England, Wales and Scotland) market and covers most goods that previously required the CE mark. The UKCA mark does not apply to goods sold on the market in Northern Ireland.

After the implementation of THE UKCA logo in the UK, products that only need CE certification for export to the EU and the UK will need CE certification and UKCA certification respectively, which may have a significant impact on the cost of enterprise products and require high attention.